ISSUE 35 | MAY/JUN, 2010
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Have you ever felt that someone, somewhere has got it in for you? Not that I'm typically prone to paranoia (who said that?), but over the past few weeks I've been convinced that we've been at the centre of a spectacularly malevolent conspiracy. You name it and it's happened to various members of the ZT team recently: mystery illness, computer crashes, writers stranded in different parts of the world...all we need is a plague upon our houses to round things off nicely. But as the fates have learned to their cost, you cannot kill what doesn't die, and we've made it. Phew!

Y'know, if I was inclined to believe in such things, I might have found myself offering a prayer to something / someone, given all that's happened, although traumatic childhood memories of Thora Hird's Sunday evening TV show make that a course of action that I'll forever be unlikely to take. But while it might not be something I'd do personally, as we've discovered putting together this issue of Zero Tolerance, the idea of religious faith runs deep in extreme music. We're all familiar with bands for whom a conventional religious message - more often than not Christian - forms an ideological starting point, but in this issue we've cast our net wider to look at the way in which faith motivates musicians and artists from a diverse set of backgrounds. And you can be pretty certain that with Watain on the cover that the content's about as far from the happy-clappy tambourine-bothering brigade as you'll get.

And once you've had a read through this issue of ZT, get yourself over to where you might notice that something looks a little bit different. Ok, so it looks a whole lot different - our website has been given a damn thorough overhaul. Cool, huh? The boffins in the background who know about these things have been beavering away around the clock to bring you a site which deftly complements the magazine, bringing you all sorts of additional and exclusive content including video, audio, reviews, interviews and blogs. Plenty to sink your fangs in to while you wait for the next issue of ZT to come along. Speaking of which, I better get cracking...

Calum Harvie, Editor


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